Seething Scarborough: Dems Should Overturn Filibuster for ‘Voting Rights’—’No Excuses!’


Joe Scarborough’s leftward lurch continues apace. We have reported Scarborough’s help for quite a lot of liberal positions, with a specific emphasis on what the Democrats euphemistically name their “voting rights” invoice. Final month, we documented Scarborough analogizing Republican opposition to the invoice to George Wallace standing within the schoolhouse door. 

On Thursday’s Morning Joe, Scarborough took it a step additional. He did not merely urge Democrats to abolish the filibuster relating to “voting rights” [and “civil rights’]. A seething Scarborough repeatedly insisted that there’s “no excuse” for Democrats not doing so.

As Wealthy Lowry on the Nationwide Evaluate has amply demonstrated, the Democrat “voting rights” invoice is a “travesty.” As Lowry wrote:

“It’s unfocused, highhanded in its impositions on the states, careless of speech rights, and constitutionally doubtful.”

For Scarborough not merely to help such laws, however to demand that Democrats overturn the filibuster to allow its passage, demonstrates but once more that the self-described “conservative” has definitively migrated to the port aspect of the political spectrum.Mika Brzezinski  Joe Scarborough MSNBC Morning Joe 11-18-21

Scarborough did display that he hasn’t completely misplaced contact with actuality. He described Democrats as having solely 14 months remaining throughout which they will be “in energy.”

Michael Steele, former RNC Chair turned Lincoln Challenge member, might be heard murmuring his settlement. Joe thus did acknowledge that, barring one thing unexpected, Democrats will probably be swept out of their majority within the Home, and fairly presumably additionally within the Senate. It underlines all of the desperation they really feel.

Joe Scarborough’s filibuster-crumbling calls for had been sponsored partly by BMW and SoFi.

This is the transcript.

Morning Joe
6:11 am ET

JOE SCARBOROUGH: The problem is whether or not the Democrats—within the remaining, you understand, 14 months that they are in energy—whether or not they’re going to cross voting rights laws that truly protects, not the Democratic occasion however western-style democracy.


SCARBOROUGH: I imply, that is, that is what—we’re sitting right here watching Democrats yelling at one another within the halls over numbers. And the headline right here is, Republican state legislatures throughout the nation are passing legal guidelines that truly cease the vote counters from having the ultimate say. However as an alternative, you’ll be able to have right-wing state legislatures saying what votes are counted and what votes aren’t.

. . . 

And by the best way, Willie, if, if, if there are exceptions for federal judges on the filibuster, and if there are exceptions for Supreme Court docket nominees on the filibuster, which is, make no mistake of it, the primary problem for the Republican base, and it has been for a era, then there may be no excuse, no excuse in any respect, for Democrats to not make an exception to the filibuster for voting rights and civil rights. That’s about as straightforward because it will get, no excuses.